Case Studies

Is my dog eligible to be a case study?

I am currently seeking senior dogs and 'canine athletes' to take part in my case studies.

A commitment to all 6 sessions is required but these are offered at half the normal session fee,

($50 for the initial consultation and $40 for each subsequent appointment: $250 in total).

What is a Senior Dog?

A senior dog is usually approximately 7+ years of age although the point at which a dog is considered senior depends on it's size, breed and any health conditions it may have.

What is a Canine Athlete?

A canine athlete could be a working dog, one that takes part in agility competitions or just an active family pet that accompanies you on your daily hike or run. Basically, any dog that is very active!

If you feel that your dog may fall into either of these categories and would like to take advantage of these reduced prices, please do get in touch.