Booking, Payment, Reschedule and Refunds Policy


  • Bookings can be made over the phone, via email or through the contact form on this website.

  • Once an appointment time is agreed with the therapist, written confirmation via email or text will be received and payment will be requested.

  • Bookings will only be confirmed once payment is received.

  • Bundled sessions are recommended as the most cost effective way to book, especially as it can take a couple of sessions for your dog to relax and really start to receive the benefits of massage.

  • Single bookings are accepted but it may not be possible to reserve the same slot each week.


  • An invoice with payment instructions will be sent once a booking is agreed.

  • Payment must be received before the booking is confirmed.

Reschedule and Refunds Policy:

We understand that unanticipated events may happen from time to time and you may need to reschedule an appointment.

  • At least 24 hours notice is required to reschedule an appointment free of charge.

  • It is at the therapists discretion whether to retain the prepaid session fee for a reschedule when less than 24 hours is given.

  • The therapist will retain the full prepaid session fee for clients that do not give advanced notice to cancel or reschedule, and are then unavailable during their scheduled appointment time.

  • Appointments can only be rescheduled twice without incurring additional fees, even when 24 hours notice is given.

  • Pricing is per booked session and will not be refunded if the dog refuses therapy. The therapist will make every effort to make the appointment successful which may include the use of other modalities such as energy work, exercises and/or stretching if appropriate.

  • In the unlikely event that extenuating circumstances require an appointment(s) to be cancelled by the client and refunded, this will need to be discussed with the therapist in advance of the appointment. It is at the therapists discretion whether a refund can be made.

  • Should the therapist need to reschedule an appointment, every effort will be made to give at least 24 hours notice to the client. There will be no additional fees for appointments rescheduled/cancelled by the therapist.

  • In certain circumstances, the therapist may make the decision that it would be unsafe for the dog or the therapist to continue therapy. In these rare cases, a full refund for remaining prepaid sessions will be given.

    As a professional member of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/Association of Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT) and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), I adhere to the IAAMB/ACWT Code of Ethics outlined here:

  • IAAMB/ACWT's Code of Ethics / Standards of Practice - International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy

    and also the IICT Code of Ethics outlined here:

  • Code Of Ethics | International Institute for Complementary Therapists (myiict.com)